Harold Nixon

My story is tied up and inseparable with my family.

A New Chapter

A big change for us as my wife and I start a new job with our family at St. Paul Catholic Mission in McKee, KY

Recording, Tech, Projects, Tutorials, Musings, & More...or less

Music and Recording

I've played a lot of music and recorded copious amounts as well. I'll share some thoughts and perspectives- maybe even a tutorial.

Life, Thoughts, & Musings

I'm no expert on anything nor do I claim to be but I do have opinions that evolve as I do.

Projects and Tech

I enjoy tinkering when I can. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D Printers, & CNC machines are some interests I've persuaded.

Flight & Driving Simulation

A longtime hobby of mine has been flight simulation. I could only dream when I was a kid of what is now capable with a VR headset.