Harold Nixon

My story is tied up and inseparable with my family.

The Nixons are back in town!!!

We are back in Winchester now and looking for work!

Recording, Tech, Projects, Tutorials, Musings, & More...or less

Music and Recording

I've played a lot of music and recorded copious amounts as well. I'll share some thoughts and perspectives- maybe even a tutorial.

Life, Thoughts, & Musings

I'm no expert on anything nor do I claim to be but I do have opinions that evolve as I do.

Projects and Tech

I enjoy tinkering when I can. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D Printers, & CNC machines are some interests I've persuaded.

Flight & Driving Simulation

A longtime hobby of mine has been flight simulation. I could only dream when I was a kid of what is now capable with a VR headset.